An Easy Road to Laos (4 parts)
North to South, the Land of Milion Elephants, landlocked between its mountain ranges and the majestic Mekong
copyright © Jürgen Chopard, Chiangmai (Th)
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The Road to Luang Prabang - part 2
Plain of Jars - part 3
Back to Nong Khai - part 4
Ferry Tales - part 1
Around the Bolevan - part 2
Luang Prabang and Mountain Roads - part 1
Epilogue (Sam Nuea, Phonsavan) – part 3

A Short Loop to Norwest Laos

About the picture: Laos was heavily bombed during the "secret war", near Phonsavan a village is nicknamed "Bomb Village" for its reutilisation of shell cases, this is where I met this Hmong child playing with a self-made toy.
South Laos (3 parts)
Northeast Laos (4 parts)
Sam Nuea and a Winding Drive Back - part 2
Various Laos
Epilogue (Sam Nuea, Phonsavan) - part 3
Hintang and the Jars - part 4
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Fort Carnot in Houai Xai
Travel and Photography
Crossing the border - part 1
Henri Mouhot's shrine revisited
The Lao Myanmar friendship bridge (Chiang Kok)