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Around Asia:
I am rambling around Asia since 1988, as a « Round The World Trip» stopover converted into a never ending journey's first step. Beginning with a professional travel assignment, I became an “expatriate” and crisscrossed the East, from the Indian sub-continent to Indonesia, over to China, Japan and Korea.

It was not yet the digital age, at least for photography. Few of my slides, snapped as sightseeing 'byproducts', are outstanding; digitalized, however, they provide valuable souvenirs and references.

From my first “Ferrania Ibis” to “Hasselblad boxes” and a large Nikon outfit, I have enjoyed many cameras, before the gears, and processing constraints, became too cumbersome for my permanent traveling.

My first digital acquisition was a Fuji MX-600, with a striking 1,5 mega pixels sensor; it’s “post-stamp” sized pictures look weird today. A couple of cameras later, and with more retirement free time, I was able to really enjoy the amazing level of DSLR and mirrorless gears.

Abandoning the skies, I concentrated on traveling by motorcycles, confining my territory, whilst increasing the depth of observation. My wandering’s illustrated descriptions, became online write-ups, mostly published on forum, on my own blogs and on Facebook. Links to most of these stories are provided on this “portal” website:

Cultural mosaics:
As my professional life was in education, I came close to Asian students and to their families, learning about different needs, perspectives and cultural particularities. These enriching experiences enticed me to research and understand some peculiarities, related in my blogposts and in other published stories.

Photographs, links and contact:
In addition to travel write-ups and blogposts (referenced in this site’s various indexes), I have uploaded a number of pictures to online sites which can be accessed by the highlighted links (i.e Smugmug, Facebook, Flickr, …).

My social network and contact information can be found on the ”Contact” page.

Kodka Jr.   No I Autographic    #13340.     Film A120

An old Kodak folding from my collection