"Sala Cafe" exhibition

This gallery presents my pictures, as exhibited in Sala Cafe, Mae Rim (Chiang Mai).

The subtitles provide basic information for visitors.

The printed photographs can be seen at Sala Cafe while enjoying a relaxing moment in its enjoyable environment featuring friendly service and delicious food. More information at Sala Cafe Facebook page.

Muang Singh
Young Lue boy - 01.2014

Laos, Rte 13 near Vieng Kham
Khmu father and son - 10.2012

Thailand, Lampang, Pong Dong Karen village
Karen man eating ‘pla muk’ - 12.2

Laos, Luang Prabang
A Hmong grandmother in Luang Prabang’s night market - 02.2014

Laos, Xiang Khouang, Ban Tajok Hmong village (Bomb village)
Young Hmong kid playing with his feather tool - 11.2011

Laos, Bahn Pon Sahat (Oudom Xai)
Shy Khmu girl - 02.2014

Laos, Luang Namtha
Lue novice - 01.2014

Thailand, Doi Sakhet Luang Nua
Tai Lue festival, Lue woman with dress from Mae Suai - 04.2014

Thailand, Lampang, Pong Dong Karen village
Karen mother and child - 12.2

Mae Hong Son, Karen village
Young Karen Kayang girl - 11.2012

Thailand, Lampang, Pong Dong Karen village 
Old Karen woman smoking her pipe - 12.2012

Laos, Bokeo, Bahn Tha Fa
Lue grandmother 01.2014

Laos, Pak Lai
Monks morning alms round (tak bak) - 02.2014

Laos, Oudom Xai
Young monk watching the city view from Phou That - 05.2010

Laos. Muang Ngeun 
Enfants dans la cour de l'école – Lue school kids - 02.2014

Laos, Muang Sing
Yao tribe grandfather smoking his water pipe - 11.2010

Thailand, Chiang Saen, 108 Buddhas temple
Monk sweeping the coumpound - 11.2010

Laos, Pak Lai
Novices chanting during morning alms round (tak bak) - 05.2014

Laos, near Xayaboury
Khmu mother and child - 02.2

Thailand, Pang Mapha
• An iconic Lahu (Muser) lady along the road to Mae Hong Son - 03.2011

Laos, Oudom Xai
Moines à la quête matinale - Monks lining up for tak bat and chanting - 05.2010

Laos, Luang Prabang 
Tak bat, morning alms round - 05.2014

Innauguration of Sala Cafe gallery and blessing by a monk

The relaxing "Sala Cafe " exhibition athmosphere

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